Comfort Zones

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Happiness, Perseverance | 2 comments

Some good friends of mine recently contracted a case of puppy fever. For which, apparently, there is only one cure.

They sent my wife and I this video a couple of days ago. It reminded me of a basic instinct we all share – human and puppy alike. We all feel a little braver when we can start from a place of comfort or safety.

Eventually we have to leave our comfort zone, crawl out from under our safe haven, and venture forward. Share on X But if we can find some little bit of shelter before we press onward, we are able to go forth with more confidence and maybe even, a little bit of wild abandon.


  1. john peirce

    You work…you prepare the Best you can….. In some or hopefully most disturbances …though you didnt see that coming ….you can move thu that situation….with a blend of what you have absorbed …and get thru with minor set backs ..that have a few additional steps…..
    If it Was simple …you. Learned and did well….and you learned….on a simple day rhat went smooth…and thats AWSUM…but on the Tough…and TuFFeR. Days…you actually Excelled…….

  2. Michael Devers

    20-8, JP!


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