executive coaching

Executive Coaching

The key to longevity and success of a business lies in the potential of its talent.

Bridging the skills gaps and knowledge in your organization is a challenge at any level but when those gaps occur in the C-Suite, the challenge is even more complex and dynamic.

Today’s career is no longer linear. The employee experience has come of age. As employers grapple with the fluid expectations of the 21st century workforce, they must also learn to anticipate the skills shortages which affect every industry sector.

The thing that impresses me most about Michael is his honesty and integrity.

Tapping into the talent and skills already available within your organization with individualized executive coaching can address and resolve these dual challenges.

Michael Devers delivers an executive coaching program specifically tailored to each client’s goals and objectives.

These include one-to-one or group coaching to equip your employees with the skills required to make the transition from a management to executive role. Before commencing, Michael carries out an indepth evaluation into the aspirations and objectives of the individual which are aligned with the overall objectives of the organization.

This pro-active approach creates a culture of internal mobility and enhances talent retention across your organization. Business continuity is secured and the risk of a crisis diminished by empowering your talent to take the next step in their career development within your organization.

Michael Devers helps business owners prepare to expertly navigate any crisis.

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