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Crisis Leadership

‘In times of adversity every decision and action is magnified’

Crisis leadership requires you to deal with the most crucial, urgent, and important issues while continuing daily operations and remaining true to the core values of your business.

A crisis isn’t a black hole from which there is no escape. It is an event your organization can move through by understanding the cycle of a crisis and all of the steps necessary to navigate the crisis completely and thoroughly.


Michael Devers is all about execution.

It begins with your organization clarifying and identifying the specific nature of different crises and how to prepare for, manage, and learn from each one.

Without a rigorous approach to navigating a crisis, a one-time event can deteriorate into a downward spiral that becomes a continual dilemma spreading across an organization.

As an example, many companies cringe with dread at the words “OSHA Inspection.” However, a proactive approach to working collaboratively with OSHA can strengthen the safety and quality for organizations in numerous industries as well as remove the perception of OSHA as a four-letter word.

Michael Devers moves your organization from fear and uncertainty to confidence and strength in the face of any crisis with proven crisis leadership strategies and tactics.

Crisis Prevention

Crisis Prevention

In an ideal world, the most effective way to resolve a crisis is to prevent it from happening. In the disruptive and unpredictable environment we find ourselves in today, that can never be fully guaranteed.

While it’s impossible to anticipate and prevent all potential crises, business owners can take clear and measurable actions to greatly reduce the chances of a crisis occurring, minimize the effects if one does arise, and recognize when a new crisis is looming.

Michael Devers delivers effective crisis leadership and prevention strategies to provide protection for your organization, without inhibiting growth and innovation.

Crisis Restoration

Crisis Restoration

Times of adversity present an opportunity to develop a crisis leadership mindset and implement strategic change to create a more robust organization.

During a period of restoration, it is essential to extract crisis leadership lessons in order to chart an even smoother course for the next journey. The goal is to restore the organization back to its fully operational state while renovating the underlying processes and functions as necessary utilizing the lessons learned from the crisis.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

The first 72 hours after a significant crisis can have a tong-term impact on the viability of a business. The impact point of the crisis can produce ripple effects that touch every aspect of a company’s efforts.

While no company ever wants to become proficient at dealing with fatalities,  serious injuries, or any manner of significant crises, the benefit of experience and perspective can prove incredibly valuable during these difficult situations.

Michael Devers helps business owners prepare to expertly navigate any crisis.

Michael Devers helps business owners prepare to expertly navigate any crisis.

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