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‘Michael’s checklist and practical recommendations not only helped my business shore up some weaknesses, but also strengthened the day-to-day operations. His guidance has been invaluable!’


Michael Devers delivers effective crisis leadership and prevention strategies to provide protection for your organization, without inhibiting growth and innovation.


Bridging the skills gaps and knowledge in your organization is a challenge at any level but when those gaps occur in the C-Suite, it becomes more complex and dynamic.


Michael Devers incorporates high level tactics to create a dynamic response to the volatile demands facing your organization.


In the face of unprecedented change, the need for robust business strategy combined with powerful execution is intensified.

‘What struck me the most about Michael was his passion for safety. His presentation is concise and powerful and contains key concepts that can improve or even transform the safety program of your company. And his presentation applies not only to safety, but also to any process critical to the success of your organization.’



Communicating your company’s vision, delivering a speech on cultural values, providing inspiration through a time of crisis leadership – these are just a handful of the many occasions when clear, precise and motivational speaking is needed.

With a career encompassing several decades of effective and strategic communication, Michael Devers delivers keynote speeches, offers transformative facilitation services and provides presentation coaching to individuals or groups.



Meetings that move your organization forward towards its goals and long-term vision must engage and inspire. From a gathering of three people to a keynote address to three-thousand, enabling effective communication is essential to the successful sharing of ideas and concepts.

Objective and impartial facilitation is a sought-after skill that transforms an overly long expensive lunch that ends in nothing but heartburn to a valuable discussion that produces action.

Michael Devers brings that skill to your business to transform your meetings and deliver tangible results.



Successful presentations are energetic, enthusiastic, imaginative and memorable. Ensuring your presentation meets all four criteria can be a daunting prospect for even the most skilled executive.

Michael Devers equips individuals and teams to deliver presentations designed for customers, the board of directors, or an in-house crowd of employees and colleagues.

Michael works on the 80/20 rule of presentations. Focus 80% of your efforts on the message and 20% on the medium to capture the attention of your audience and effectively communicate your intended message.

He also offers presentation services tailored to your company culture and its aims, to ensure that your message is effectively conveyed to those who need to hear it.


Keynotes – Changing the Way You Think

Connecting with your target audience from his opening words, Michael applies extensive insights and unique perspectives on topics such as crisis leadership, organizational change, risk (the good, the bad and the ugly), and safety factor.

Hire Michael to deliver a compelling keynote speech for your organization.

‘You don’t ever want to play chess with Michael because he is always two steps ahead’.
~ Chad Raney

Executive Broker and Serial Entrepreneur

Michael Devers helps business owners prepare to expertly navigate any crisis.

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