consulting projects

Consulting Projects

In the face of unprecedented change, the need for robust business strategy combined with powerful execution is intensified.

To ensure success, strategy must be converted into clearly defined tactics and those tactics must produce action. Identifying and understanding the complex operational patterns and decision-making processes that determine those tactics is a challenge for many business owners.

Drawing on his extensive experience, Michael Devers offers a back to basics consultancy approach to inspire your organization to build effective strategies from the ground level up. Most people know what needs to be done, but friction, roadblocks, and disconnects arise between knowing and doing. The right focus and perspective is the first step towards accelerated operational execution.

If you can’t draw a line from the strategic concept all the way down to a specific action, you don’t have strategy implementation – you have a wish list.
~ Michael Devers

Michael gave us the strategy, solutions and tactical advice needed to make our dreams a reality. His knowledge, integrity, and drive are unmatched in my opinion.

Examples of Michael’s Consulting Projects:


Process and Procure Implementation

The strategy is the rock star on stage for 90 minutes. Implementation is the crew who work tirelessly behind the scene for hours before and after the show to make sure the rock star looks like a rock star. The show doesn’t go on without all of the planning, sweat, and execution behind the scenes.

Safety Programs

Successful safety programs require more than a well written policy. In a time of crisis your safety policy will be tested to its limits and beyond. An effective methodology must be in place to ensure your safety programs are crisis ready and constantly updated for true effectiveness.


Closeouts, Project Controls, Procurement, Scheduling

Almost every internal process conceals a bottleneck beneath the surface that determines the speed and efficiency of the entire system. Uncovering that constraint and solving for it in a way that does not result in further bottlenecks can lower costs and improve productivity. Implementing a system that exposes those constraints routinely creates a culture of effectiveness.

Marketing Programs

Too many businesses wait until they need more revenue to think about marketing, resulting in a crisis which could have been prevented. Successful marketing must be approached systematically with a full and complete program that is constantly measured, scrutinized, and adjusted.


EMR Management

For companies operating in the construction industry, EMR Management is a key factor in contractual compliance as well as controlling insurance costs. Having a robust and well-executed safety program remains the most important factor in EMR Management, but the work doesn’t stop there. There are multiple strategies and practices businesses can implement that complement the foundation built by the safety program.

Michael Devers helps business owners prepare to expertly navigate any crisis.

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