What is your most dangerous one?

by | Sep 22, 2018 | Q&A | 0 comments

All week long we’ve spent looking at the various ways in which the number one is a terrible number when it comes to your business, non-profit, or venture.

Now, it’s your turn. What is your most dangerous “one?” Where do you potentially have a single point of failure built in to your work, business, or project?

Do you have one source of revenue that would cripple your business if you lost it tomorrow? One supplier who controls your “key ingredient?” Does your toolbox contain a Birmingham screwdriver and nothing else? Does your business only have one way of doing things that dates back to the days of blacksmiths and milkmen?

Reply in the comments section with your most dangerous one, past or present. Feel free to add how you plan to address it or already addressed it if it’s from the past. Also, keep it as vague as you would like just in case your competition is watching!

I’ll go first: my dangerous “one” is actually what you’re reading right now: this blog. Currently, it’s the only outlet for my writing. I’ve been advised by some really smart and successful writers to expand my writing to other outlets (such as Medium, ThoughtCatalog, Huffington Post, etc.) and to work on writing and publishing a book. All easier said than done, but I have completed a full outline for a book project and begin the real work on it in two weeks.

Your turn.


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