Magic Wand Lesson

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If you could wave a magic wand and receive one lesson from an expert in anything at all, what would that activity be, and who is your expert of choice? Reply in the comments section with the magic wand lesson of your choosing.

We live in a time with unparalleled opportunities, and I didn’t have to employ any magic at all to have my wish granted. It only required an American Express card.

Malcolm Gladwell created an online Master Class on writing narrative non-fiction, which matches up perfectly with both the activity and the expert for me. I started the course last week and have savored each lesson. It doesn’t replace Mr. Gladwell sitting over my shoulder as I write an article (or post or story, etc.), but at only $90 and on-demand whenever it fits my schedule, I couldn’t pass it up. After all, I’ve seen my wife creatively order breakfast and hit the $90 mark before, so this class was a no-brainer.

So again, to repeat, and to make sure you understand the concept; my magic wand lesson:

ACTIVITY: Narrative non-fiction writing
EXPERT: Malcolm Gladwell

My wife’s:

ACTIVITY: Ordering breakfast efficiently

Your turn. Wave that wand around until it hits something.

My wife’s very fancy breakfast


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