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Yesterday I wrote about the importance of celebrating milestones. Specifically, I celebrated one month of writing again, and 33 days in a row of posting new work to this website (up to 34 with today’s post). For the celebration, my wife and I downed a shot of Jägermeister and quickly acknowledged the streak.

When it comes to the big events in life – weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, major holidays, etc. –  celebrations tend to be universal. What your wedding looks like compared to my wedding compared to her wedding doesn’t vary significantly until you start crossing cultural lines.

On the little celebrations though, that’s where it gets fun and interesting. Reply in the comments section with how you celebrate those small moments and milestones that you deem worthy of recognition.

The next milestone on my list is 100 days in a row and it should hit on December 11th. For that day’s celebration, I’ll take the best suggestion from the comments and borrow it. And I’m sure my bride will film it if it’s sufficiently embarrassing. Can’t wait to see the contributions!

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