Wind It Fast or Slow

Wind It Fast or Slow

The grandfather clock in our library is authentic and needs to be wound once a week. The family considers it “Dad’s clock,” so winding it is “a Daddy job.”

When I get in a hurry and wind it fast, the pendulum’s swing arc falls off the path and eventually stops swinging altogether. When this happens, I’m forced to reset the clock; a process that takes about four times as long as winding the clock.

When I take my time and wind it slowly, the swing arc remains true and I don’t need to think about the clock again for a week. The amount of extra time it takes me to do the job right and wind it slowly over winding it fast falls somewhere between 15 and 20 seconds.

When I wind the clock slowly, I do the job the right way, the arc remains true, and time is saved.

Knowing that, why would I ever rush the job?

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