Stop Planning, Start Doing

Stop Planning, Start Doing

In the past, I’ve spent a lot of time planning to do something, and made very little progress. Once I left planning behind and got to work on the doing, progress flowed quickly.

Getting ready to do something is comfortable. We’re in our safe place and not out in the open. Our preparations are seen only by ourselves. No one criticizes and nothing is at risk. We have total control.

Once we start doing, we’re exposed. Our work appears in the sunlight for all to see. Some may love it, but, undoubtedly, some will hate it. It’s the risk we take when we actually do something and we can’t control either reaction. It’s foolish to even try. All we can do is the work, and the real work lies in the doing.

This doesn’t mean you should rush into a new venture with no planning at all. Planning is an important and necessary step, but it’s also where people stall the most. Like getting a rocket to the launch pad and never firing the engines. A rocket can only sit upright and ready to go for so long before the launch environment becomes unstable.

There’s very little value created in getting ready to do something. There’s extraordinary value in saying, “Come hell or high water, I start today,” and then following through on that statement.

This is the right time of year, the right month, the right week. Today is Monday, a perfect day to start. Even one small action taken moves the needle from “I’m getting ready to start” to “I started.” Put all of the plans in the drawer, strap on your helmet, and fire the engines.

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  1. Planning is a step by step process…..
    Then when you have your steps and process completed ..then comes the ….what if…you can only have. So much for see..on this…so you. Try to cover the unexpected…. To me after i review the steps…the process…and the un for seen……..your ready to start… Then upon entering. Starting with step 1… Hopefully. It starts as planned…and continues as planned…allways consider next syeps of plan and procedures…before you get there… Altering your steps and procedures with plan B… Works…but not as efficient as the original plan..but hopefully blends the next steps to your origal plan….failure isnt accepted…….learning from what caused step 3 to not take place….is a good learning skill to better your next steps and procedures….you have to believe in yourself. and your abilities…to make it happen….
    Then there are haters…they have nothing better to do…….anyone can walk up and say why didnt you do this…. A easy day of steps and wonderful….but succeeding a tough set of steps and procedures….IS AWESOME… .that moment this didnt work that didnt i did this…we are GOOD…..i can all ready see I’ve got to alter for steps 7…do to step 3…. Thats when you got your mission accomplished….beyond anyone else…..dont waste your time with haters…..they have failed..and usually gave up…..upon there selves and have to attack others…IT AINT in my book to waste my time upon HATERS. but i have come back on HATERS…and wasted my time at there level…to prove them Rong….and felt REALLY BAD AFTERWARDS….failure is not in book…fixing the un for seen IS altered procedure…of the accomplishment. For the final Step..
    Its as simple as lacing up your New boots….but ur new boot laces is frayed. or to short….oh no its missing a hole for my laces….. Not sute aboit launching a rocket….but i will sure check the rocket fuel pump

    1. “A easy day of steps and wonderful….but succeeding a tough set of steps and procedures….IS AWESOME… .that moment this didnt work that didnt i did this…we are GOOD…”

      Amen, my friend!!

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