5 tips from Warren Buffett


As a follow up on my article from last week on Do the Opposite, the video linked above contains 5 tips from Warren Buffett. These tips were selected by CNBC from the many interviews Buffett has given the network over the last decade. You can look at these tips as investing-only tips, or you can look a little deeper and see how they apply to much more than investing.

  1. Don’t Buy or Sell Based on Headlines
  2. Don’t Try to Profit from Bubbles
  3. Put Your Emotions Aside
  4. Always Invest in Productive Assets
  5. Always Bet on America

Even on the surface, it’s easy to see how #1, #2, and even #3 align with doing the opposite.

What do you think? Do you see how these tips could apply beyond the buying and selling of stocks and bonds?

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