Everyone Is Dead

Comedian Bill Hicks was one-part comedian and one-part philosopher. His shows were not the one-joke-every-12-seconds rapid-fire pace that so many of today’s audiences are familiar with. He mixed his philosophy in with the punch lines. Here’s one bit that has stuck with me. You’re the only people alive on Earth today. All the people that […]

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Occam & Pareto

In the self-help and personal development arena, tens of thousands of books and hundreds of thousands of blog posts are published each year (and this is one of them) in hopes of providing some insight that will help you achieve a breakthrough, accomplish your goals, or make some positive impact in your life. 80% or […]

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Michael Corleone says “hello,” from the future

I have purchased The Godfather Trilogy six different times. Twice on VHS, once on laserdisc, once on DVD, once on Blu-Ray, and now – finally, I think – via the iTunes store. Why so many times? Most obviously because I love the movie. Actually, it’s the Godfather parts I and II that I love. I […]

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Week 13

A very special week (March 27th – April 2nd, 2017) is upon us and the majority of people will plow through it unaware. It’s the first “lucky” week of 2017. Don’t treat it like just another 1 of 52. Put this week to work for you and make it – along with the 3 others […]

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Do the Opposite

Walt Disney surveyed the area and felt a wave of disgust – squalor surrounded him. The ground was dirty and covered with litter, the ride operators were unfriendly, the paint was cracking on one of the rides, but worse than any of that, the parents looked positively bored. Walt decided to do the opposite of […]

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Not For Sale? Buy It Anyway.

If you want to buy a blue bicycle, you can’t limit your search to a store that sells only red sports cars. This was my thought as I listened to a friend of mine complain that there was nothing good on the real estate market right now. Looking to purchase investment property, he had just […]

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The Menu at Babe’s

During a recent visit to Ft. Worth, our family celebrated a birthday with some good friends at the legendary Babe’s in Roanoke. The goal was to get, as our friends called it, “chicken-wasted,” and there’s no better place to do that than Babe’s. There are no menus at Babe’s because there is only one decision to make – […]

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