Put Wheels On It

In 1899, Charles Duell, Commissioner of the U.S. Patent Office is reported to have said, “Everything that can possibly be invented has already been invented.” He was wrong. The very same day in 1899, thousands of people in Washington D.C. and elsewhere shopped until the basket they carried around the store became too heavy. It […]

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Last Job of the Day

Someone broke into my vehicle the last time I was in Austin. It was a smash-and-grab job. The thieves didn’t get much (two empty purses as my wife had just emptied them both), but they did a thorough job of destroying my window. Back home in New Braunfels, the glass company sent a technician who […]

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Start In Your Trunk

If you’re an author, you don’t have to be at the front of every bookstore and in every airport across the U.S. If you’re a musician, your album doesn’t need to be splashed across the iTunes home page on the day it’s released. If you create a retail product, it doesn’t have to be stocked […]

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Chasing Chickens

If you were to meet her you would never suspect it. She’s charming, has movie-star beauty, and is such a good listener that complete strangers feel compelled to tell her things they would only share with their closest confidants. But I’ll let you in on her little secret. My wife is a crazy chicken lady. […]

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One Supplier

A honey-maker cannot build a business with just one bee. The critical component to your business process sourced to a single supplier can create chaos – for reasons both legitimate and malignant. A cabinet maker needs wood, a baker needs flour, and a brewer needs hops. Jim Koch, founder of the Boston Beer Company and […]

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One Way

If you and I were to walk down the pasta aisle of a supermarket circa 1976, you might be amazed. Not at what you saw, but amazed at what you didn’t see. When it came to spaghetti sauce, there was as little shelf space as there were choices to be made. You’d likely see only […]

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One Tool

Clipboard tucked under an arm and staring at his phone as he rolled down the driveway on a hoverboard, I’ll admit to judging this book by the cover before he even rang my doorbell. He worked for Terminex and in less than two minutes, it was apparent he only had one tool in his toolbox: […]

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One Revenue Source

There is nothing quite so dangerous as having all of your income dependent on one revenue source. Every day is spent balanced on the knife’s edge, one unfortunate misunderstanding away from being out of business. At different times in my career I’ve encountered situations where a single revenue source was responsible for 85% or more […]

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Number One Is the Worst

Everyone wants to be Number One. We climb, claw, and fight our way to the top for the privilege and honor of being able to declare, “We’re number one!” But when it comes to business, one is the worst possible number. You NEVER want to find yourself with “one.” One customer, one vendor, one supplier, […]

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