What is your most dangerous one?

All week long we’ve spent looking at the various ways in which the number one is a terrible number when it comes to your business, non-profit, or venture.

dangerous one

Now, it’s your turn. What is your most dangerous “one?” Where do you potentially have a single point of failure built in to your work, business, or project?

Do you have one source of revenue that would cripple your business if you lost it tomorrow? One supplier who controls your “key ingredient?” Does your toolbox contain a Birmingham screwdriver and nothing else? Does your business only have one way of doing things that dates back to the days of blacksmiths and milkmen?

What would you start today?

For the past two days, I’ve written about why right now is the best time to take action, put your doubts on the back-burner, and get started today.

Starting Line

Started on what? That part is up to you.

Just for a minute, think about what you would start today if you could ignore everyone negative, including yourself. And if you could continue to ignore the disapproval, the criticism, the trolling all the way through, even if it failed. Your skin would be coated in two solid inches of Teflon and all of the negativity would bounce off of you and ricochet right back in their eye.

What do you wish you had more time for?

Family and Health don't count - too obvious

Everyone I know, everyone I’ve ever talked to, everyone I’ve ever read about… they all share the same lament. “I wish I had more time.” It’s when you dig a little deeper that things get murky.

More time

“More time for what?”

“To get everything done!”

“Like what?”

“Like everything I want to do!”

“Can you give me an example?”

It’s usually at this point where I’m either cursed, slapped, or punched; thus ending the line of inquiry.