Make Time

The amount of time it takes for the sun to appear in the same relative spot in the Earth’s sky defines the length of our day: 24 hours. Despite the fact that we humans complain non-stop about there not being enough time, from a universal perspective, time is infinite. All of this fuss about there […]

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Don’t Believe Them

It’s human nature to swallow whole all of the praise offered us while spitting out every bit of criticism we receive. We should fight this inclination. Instead, take what they offer, hold it in your hands for a minute, acknowledge it, then drop it on the ground and get back to work. Critics are fickle […]

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Outrage Outsourced

Ten minutes or less of browsing Facebook, Twitter, or the internet at large and one walks away with an inevitable conclusion. Outrage is everywhere. It’s “trending” and has been for some time. Outrage is a natural outcome of judgement and, by nature, is unproductive. When the outrage is personal, as in “you have done this […]

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Watching the Ships Come In

While waiting in one of the dozen or more airports I travelled through last year, I paused a moment to just sit and watch. The gates, the people, the shops, the design and architecture. But mostly, the planes. Landing, taking off, carrying passengers to impossible distances in less than one day. I disconnected from everything […]

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Too often and too quickly we rush to judge, decide, and label an event as soon as it happens. Of the four religions/philosophies I have spent time studying, all of them caution against this rush to judgement. I was guilty of it myself this week, and it reminded me of one of my favorite Buddhist/Taoist […]

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A Ride on the Lilly Belle

I spent Sunday morning planning my funeral. It had been a typical lazy Sunday when I had a “moment.” I created a list of my ten favorite pictures; I wanted to make sure my wife (Clair) would know the ones I want shown when I’m laid to rest. This was not a morbid moment, it […]

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Bet the Farm on Yourself

Imagine taking all the money you have along with all that you can possibly borrow and then betting EVERY SINGLE PENNY of it that some stranger was going to trip and fall flat on his face while walking down the street on a specific day. No scientific reason behind it, you just have a hunch. […]

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An Invitation to Walk Out the Door

Our family has been watching the new National Geographic mini-series, Mars. I originally wanted to watch for the science, but the whole family got sucked into the story. One scene in particular stuck with me, possibly because they used the same scene in both the first and the last episode, but I think it would […]

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