Writing Again

Once every 236 days has been a bit of a slump

Getting started is hard. Also, sustaining something consistently is hard. Now that I think about it, ending gracefully is also hard. So, I guess everything is hard. Including writing this post. And using correct grammar.

However, none of that is the reason I abruptly stopped writing last spring. I had published fifteen posts between March 15th and May 15th of 2017. During that same 60-day span in 2017, I also completed an outline and two sample chapters for a book I was working on.

I then asked an expert for his opinion on my book proposal. And not just any expert, but someone widely considered “THE” expert right now in the world of book marketing.

Fortunately for me, he told me the truth. The hard, honest truth.

Never Give Up

Earlier this year my 11-year old son, Jack, became obsessed with the Netflix show Stranger Things. Clearly he was not alone in this as our trip yesterday to the Alamo City Comic Con proved.

Gaten Matazarro answers a question from the audience at the 2016 Alamo City Comic Con

The stars of the series are Winona Ryder and a slate of very talented child actors. It’s the latter that spurred my son’s obsession over the show as well as our attendance of the convention. Three of the child actors (and Jack’s two favorites – Gaten Matazarro and Millie Bobby Brown) would be appearing at the San Antonio event.

The first item we had circled on the schedule was a Q&A with Gaten and another of the show’s stars, Caleb McLaughlin. Most of the questions were what one would expect from kids asking questions of other kids. “Do you play Pokémon Go? Who’s the funniest? What are you dressing up as for Halloween?” That kind of thing.

There was one predictable question though (“What advice would you give to someone who also wants to be a child actor?”) that elicited an answer extending beyond acting. In fact, it’s advice that most adults could learn from as well.