Hate is Liberating

There are people out there who absolutely hate Tim Ferriss, can’t stand Ryan Holiday, loathe and despise James Altucher, cringe at Dan Kennedy, and think Steven Pressfield is stupid. It’s very liberating. For a long time, I’ve gone back and forth about writing: writing a book, writing a blog post, even writing a tweet. If you look […]

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Writing Again

Getting started is hard. Also, sustaining something consistently is hard. Now that I think about it, ending gracefully is also hard. So, I guess everything is hard. Including writing this post. And using correct grammar. However, none of that is the reason I abruptly stopped writing last spring. I had published fifteen posts between March […]

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No One Will Ever Read This

My bride and I had a rare Wednesday evening with no kids home last night so we took advantage and had a date night. We had dinner, went for a short walk, and saw the Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence movie, Passengers. We both enjoyed it (I’ll admit to loving the concept and design of […]

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