Ask ten different people for a definition of grace, and you’ll receive ten different answers. What does grace mean to you? In the last few months, my wife and I have both separately admitted to each other our need to work on grace, but to put into words exactly what we meant by that statement […]

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Over the years and the many different places I’ve worked, I’ve had the opportunity to interview and hire a vast number of employees. In reviewing countless resumes and applications, I’ve noticed that while everyone expresses their experience in terms of years, not all of those years are built the same. There’s a huge difference between […]

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Want to Know

Towards the end of every episode of his wildly popular podcast, Tim Ferriss asks guests a series of questions he labels “Rapid-fire.” They’re basically the same set for every guest so each interviewee has a few questions they can prepare for. One of his standard questions is: “If you could put one billboard anywhere, with anything on […]

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Kirk Hammett and Randy Rhoads

As I mentioned in a previous post, Ryan Holiday’s Ego Is the Enemy was my favorite book of 2016. I was looking back over some of the pages I bookmarked and highlighted earlier this morning when this passage from the chapter “Become A Student” caught my eye: “Think about what [Kirk] Hammett could have done – […]

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