You could boil what I do down to these three things: I listen, connect the dots, and execute.

I’ve spent 25+ years working behind the scenes to help individuals, groups, non-profits, and companies achieve their biggest goals and dreams. Along the way I’ve been fortunate to work with Grammy winners, Oscar winners, sole proprietors, and publicly-traded companies. I’ve worked in industries as diverse as music, organ donation, and telecommunications.

Despite the diversity of people, industries, size, and scale – they all had one thing in common: they had something big they wanted to accomplish and needed help figuring out how to do it. Regardless of the industry my job has always been the same: I listen, connect the dots, and execute.

This blog is a place for me to capture thoughts, concepts, and ideas related to all of these aspects and more as well as observations on personal development. While I hope people will find value in what I’ve written, it’s primarily a tool to reinforce myself with these ideas.

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Thanks for taking the time,

Michael Devers
New Braunfels, TX