Sunday Notes: Multi-million-dollar game of telephone

In board rooms, war rooms, and locker rooms everywhere, a common problem exists. Leadership conceives of a plan, and then communicates the plan down through various levels of management until it ultimately reaches the people – the boots on the ground – who have the responsibility to execute the plan. In the best of worlds, […]

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Magic Wand Lesson

If you could wave a magic wand and receive one lesson from an expert in anything at all, what would that activity be, and who is your expert of choice? Reply in the comments section with the magic wand lesson of your choosing. We live in a time with unparalleled opportunities, and I didn’t have […]

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Bridge of Death

Most people would never make it across the Bridge of Death, and not because they don’t know anything about unladen swallows, either African or European. Perhaps I should explain. In the cult-classic 1975 movie Monty Python & the Holy Grail, as King Arthur and his knights near the end of their quest they must cross […]

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Chasing Chickens

If you were to meet her you would never suspect it. She’s charming, has movie-star beauty, and is such a good listener that complete strangers feel compelled to tell her things they would only share with their closest confidants. But I’ll let you in on her little secret. My wife is a crazy chicken lady. […]

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Another $7 System

Several weeks ago, I wrote about building at IT system for only $7. In Enchantment, author Guy Kawasaki shares a story from Richard Fawal that illustrates the concept so well, I want to share it here: In the 1980’s, I worked for political campaigns. We used index cards with contact information, political precinct, and volunteering […]

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Email Can Wait

As a creature of habit, my morning routine establishes the course of my day. I wake up while everyone else is still asleep, so I have the house to myself. I make a cup of coffee, cook a bit of bacon, and then sit at the kitchen table to read from a book for thirty […]

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Outrage Outsourced

Ten minutes or less of browsing Facebook, Twitter, or the internet at large and one walks away with an inevitable conclusion. Outrage is everywhere. It’s “trending” and has been for some time. Outrage is a natural outcome of judgement and, by nature, is unproductive. When the outrage is personal, as in “you have done this […]

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Sunday Notes: Easy For Them, Not For You

Raise your hand if you LOVE to reach an automated attendant when contacting a company’s customer service number with a problem. I don’t see very many hands raised, and most of them are standing in the back, close to the exits. There are very few things more despised than navigating through a call-tree, yet they’re […]

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What is your most dangerous one?

All week long we’ve spent looking at the various ways in which the number one is a terrible number when it comes to your business, non-profit, or venture. Now, it’s your turn. What is your most dangerous “one?” Where do you potentially have a single point of failure built in to your work, business, or […]

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