Today Is July 1st

Happy New Year!

Today is an incredibly important day of the year. July 1st. An opportunity to take stock of the first six months. How has it been so far? Are you accomplishing what you wanted? Are you halfway (or better) towards your goals for the year? Are they still relevant? Do they need updated, tweaked, or even completely scrapped? Did you fail to actually write any down at all?


Today is the day. If you failed to set goals, objectives, etc., today is a great day to put that in the rear-view mirror and set something down for the second-half of 2018. It’s not too late to accomplish something THIS YEAR that could change your life forever.

Or maybe, like Scott Adams, you’re not a goals person at all. How are your systems? Have you been following them? Made necessary adjustments? Are there any you’ve been letting slide? Any new systems put in place this year? How has that been?

Whether you’re a goals person or systems person, today is a great day to review your tool of choice and make tweaks, apply updates, or scrap the whole thing and start over.

It’s all going into the garbage for me.