Irony of the Week: Running with Sammy & Budd

What if, in an attempt to create a bomb-proof container, you instead created a device with immense destructive power? Two authors, born over a half-century apart and writing completely different kinds of books, could tell you first-hand. Sammy Glick is a powerful, loathsome, complicated man. Born in Hollywood from the mind of author Budd Schulberg […]

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A Ride on the Lilly Belle

I spent Sunday morning planning my funeral. It had been a typical lazy Sunday when I had a “moment.” I created a list of my ten favorite pictures; I wanted to make sure my wife (Clair) would know the ones I want shown when I’m laid to rest. This was not a morbid moment, it […]

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Not For Sale? Buy It Anyway.

If you want to buy a blue bicycle, you can’t limit your search to a store that sells only red sports cars. This was my thought as I listened to a friend of mine complain that there was nothing good on the real estate market right now. Looking to purchase investment property, he had just […]

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Be Happy First

While searching for an image for a quarterly power point presentation at work, I stumbled across the picture you see below: “1. Move to the Beach 2. Don’t worry, be Happy.” Even though it wasn’t what I needed for the presentation, I saved the image because it struck me as odd. Why would a person […]

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Bet the Farm on Yourself

Imagine taking all the money you have along with all that you can possibly borrow and then betting EVERY SINGLE PENNY of it that some stranger was going to trip and fall flat on his face while walking down the street on a specific day. No scientific reason behind it, you just have a hunch. […]

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