Make Time

The amount of time it takes for the sun to appear in the same relative spot in the Earth’s sky defines the length of our day: 24 hours. Despite the fact that we humans complain non-stop about there not being enough time, from a universal perspective, time is infinite. All of this fuss about there […]

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Sears Files Bankruptcy

On January 14th of 2017, Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus announced they would fold the big top for the final time in May of that year. In a post about the announcement, I mentioned that the death spiral for Sears was playing out in a public way. Earlier this week, on October 15th, Sears […]

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Don’t Believe Them

It’s human nature to swallow whole all of the praise offered us while spitting out every bit of criticism we receive. We should fight this inclination. Instead, take what they offer, hold it in your hands for a minute, acknowledge it, then drop it on the ground and get back to work. Critics are fickle […]

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Other Side of the Table

While scrolling through my Facebook feed recently, I saw this post: I fail to see how anyone in their right mind would consider voting for [insert name here]. It’s beyond me. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the problem. And it applies to both sides. (Here is where some people on both sides reading this will immediately exclaim, […]

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National Mulligan Day

Today is National Mulligan Day. I’m not a golfer (I quit one day after losing all of my balls and one of my clubs while still on the front nine), but I do appreciate the idea of being allowed a do-over. A chance to say, “I know I could do better if given another chance.” […]

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Put Wheels On It

In 1899, Charles Duell, Commissioner of the U.S. Patent Office is reported to have said, “Everything that can possibly be invented has already been invented.” He was wrong. The very same day in 1899, thousands of people in Washington D.C. and elsewhere shopped until the basket they carried around the store became too heavy. It […]

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Stop Planning, Start Doing

In the past, I’ve spent a lot of time planning to do something, and made very little progress. Once I left planning behind and got to work on the doing, progress flowed quickly. Getting ready to do something is comfortable. We’re in our safe place and not out in the open. Our preparations are seen […]

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Malcolm Gladwell Knows What He’s Talking About

Rosemary Lawlor was a newlywed, but was she just a newlywed? In the “Strike an Intentional Tone” section from his MasterClass video on writing, Malcolm Gladwell begins with a quote from the first chapter on the “Limits of Power” section in his book, David and Goliath. “When the Troubles began in Northern Ireland, Rosemary Lawlor […]

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Ideal Internship

In a previous post, I asked if you could receive one lesson from an expert in anything at all, what would that activity be, and who is your expert of choice. Today, I want to expand that question and ask what your ideal internship would be. Let’s get the magic wand out again to make […]

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Give It Your All

What’s your most important task today? The most critical thing on your to do list? Whatever it is, the second you finish reading this, drop everything else you’re doing, start on it immediately and give it your all. Your absolute best. And don’t stop until the task is 100% done. Don’t stop for lunch, don’t […]

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Last Job of the Day

Be careful. That’s when it gets real.

Someone broke into my vehicle the last time I was in Austin. It was a smash-and-grab job. The thieves didn’t get much (two empty purses as my wife had just emptied them both), but they did a thorough job of destroying my window. Back home in New Braunfels, the glass company sent a technician who […]

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